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3 Food Trucks to Check Out in Vancouver, B.C.

While food trucks have been part of the North American dining scene since as early as the 1860s, the food truck trend as we know it began in 2008. Here’s why in 3 terms: The Great Recession, Smart Phones, and Social Media. It only took Chris and I 12 years to catch onto the trend. The first food truck we frequented was the Bleu Duck Food Truck back home in Rochester, MN. It’s one of the few things we can thank the pandemic for.

La Taqueria Food Truck Vancouver, B.C.

Lucky for us, we’re now living in a food truck loving town: Vancouver, B.C. Yet, due to our schedules, our rituals, and our Yaletown location, food trucking it for meals takes a bit of planning. It’s a 20-minute walk to downtown food trucks and a 20 to 30 minute drive to most others. We’ve tried out three spots and found the deliciousness well worth the planning. 

The 3 Vancouver B.C. Food Trucks We've Visited (So Far):

La Taqueria

Chris’s Meal: Asada Tacos on Corn Tortillas (Melted Cheese, Grilled AAA Beef, Salsa Cruda), Guac & Chips
Melissa’s Meal: Asada Bowl (Grilled AAA Beef, Pico de Gallo, Charro Beans, Corn Chip Julienne) requested without beans. 


Chris’s Meal: Guacamole (all beef brat, guacamole, fresh onions, and lime)
Melissa’s Meal: Oroshi (pork bratwurst, radish (daikon), green onions, and special soy sauce. 

Henry’s Hip Eats

Chris’s Meal: Meal Box with Fried Lemongrass Chicken, Rice, Veggie Spring Roll
Melissa’s Meal: Meal Box with Grilled Lemongrass Chicken, Vermicelli, Veggie Spring Roll, and Tater Tots

Our food at all three trucks was double-thumbs-up yum and we had a double-thumbs-up fun time adventuring to the food trucks!

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