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4 Top Reykjavik Eateries: From Braud & Co. to Ban Thai

Grab a bite at one of Reykjavik’s must-visit eateries on your trip to Iceland! From the traditional Icelandic baked goods at Braud & Co. to the fusion of international and Icelandic cuisine at Vox Restaurant, we’ve got you covered. Whether you want to indulge in some high-quality Icelandic meat and seafood at Grillmarkaðurinn or dine on the best Thai food in town, sit back and get ready to salivate over some of Reykjavik’s best food spots. 

1. Braud & Co.

Cinnamon roll topped with powdered sugar at Braud and Co. in Reykjavik Iceland. In the background a reflection of the roll, Melissa, customers, and the space.

Order the vanilla-flavored cinnamon rolls. You won’t be disappointed. With a dusting of powdered sugar on top instead of a sweet glaze, these rolls are light and delightful in texture and taste. It’s a favorite amongst travel influencers and writers for good reason. There’s substance behind the style, so don’t let any contrarian tendencies keep you from the bakery and café ranked Reykjavik’s best

Braud & Co. offers a variety of bread, pastries, and coffee, so if cinnamon rolls aren’t your thing, chances are you’ll still find a tasty treat to fall in love with. They use traditional Icelandic techniques and organically grown flour, grains, seeds, and sugar to bake their goods. You can view the ingredients in their menu items by checking out their order menu, which includes a vegan cinnamon roll. 

Ransom risotto topped with shaved asparagus at Vox Restaurant in Reykjavik Iceland

This restaurant is reason enough to stay at Hilton Reykjavik Nordica

The service was attentive, the gin options were plentiful, and the food was delicious. Vox provided an elegant yet comforting experience that soothed our jetlagged souls. I devoured their Ransom risotto, which was topped with shaved asparagus. Chris opted for one of his go-to’s, steak and fries, which he polished off without a problem. 

Vox offers modern Icelandic cuisine, uniquely fused with international dishes. Gluten-free and vegan options are available on their menu. On the day I write this, that includes dessert! 


Steak served on a wood platter, french fries in a metal cup, glasses of red wine, glasses of water at Grillmarket in Reykjavik Iceland.

If, at first, your map app doesn’t lead you to Grillmarket’s door, try and try again – especially if you’re a meat lover! You want to dine in this fabulous restaurant. Its front door was located around the corner from where our app believed it to be. 

Grillmarket prides itself on being Icelandic in design, style, and cooking. Their focus is on serving high-quality Icelandic meat and seafood, everything from duck spring rolls to beef and lobster tempura to grilled salmon. Vegetarians and vegans can find a couple of items on their menu to enjoy, like the Vegan Peanut Roast or the Grilled Cauliflower. 

When we went, we kicked back with a couple of gin drinks (the Tanqueray 10 for Chris and the Studlaberg for me) and snacked on bread and whipped butter topped with volcanic salt. Months later, it stands out in our minds as one of the best bread-and-butter combinations we’ve ever had. When we went, we each ordered steaks from the Charcoal Grill. I went with the filet. Chris chose the ribeye. Everything was seriously so fantastic! 

Pad Thai topped with shredded carrots and cabbage at Ban Thai restaurant in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Who knew that we’d find the best Thai food we’ve ever had in the heart of Reykjavik? The heat. The flavor. The roti bread. Everything made us so happy to be within the walls of this restaurant.

Ban Thai offers a massive variety of authentic Thai dishes and a menu that probably hasn’t changed much over the years. Their staff is small, and their meals are made fresh by order, so be prepared to relax and enjoy at a leisurely dining pace. As their site says, “If you do not have time to wait, come when you have time.” Don’t be put off. The wait is worth it! 

We started with appetizers, numbers 8, lettuce cups, and 15A. When we return, we’ll probably order them again, though I can’t quite tell you what they were. My notes say we enjoyed the food immensely. For entrées, Chris had the Pad Thai, and I ordered the vegetables off of the vegan menu with a side of brown rice, which was darker than any I remember having before. Its taste was different and delicious. The sauce the veggies were in had such a delightful heat! My absolute favorite was 15A.

Because you cannot adventure on food alone...

Eating well during travels is only one part of putting together the perfect travel itinerary. For more Iceland travel inspiration, you might want to check out one of our videos on Reykjavik, the Golden Circle, and Iceland’s South Coast.  

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