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Did You Find Our #ChriMelRocks Rocks?

If you’re here, chances are you’ve watched our YouTube video and found our #ChriMelRocks painted rock stash. Or, you’re hoping this page might lead you to extra clues. Or, maybe you have no idea who we are and just happened across this odd situation.

Who hides painted rocks out in nature?

Chris and Melissa do!

Regardless of your reason for landing on this corner of the interwebs, we’re so glad you’re here!

Why Did we Did We Paint Rocks and then Hide them in Nature?

Chris was inspired by a painted rock we found as we walked along a path near the Johnston Ridge Observatory, which is right by Mount St. Helens. He thought that we should do something like that. It’s been brought up on pretty much all of our Sunday hikes around Vancouver. His mention of the plan became even more frequent after we did our PDA: Public Displays of Art video.

A few weeks later, I (the Melissa half of ChriMel) was convinced to roll with the rock adventure. 

Our adventure was a 3-part process. First, we had to find the rocks out in nature. Then, we had to purchase our art supplies. Neither one of us has painted a thing since our fabulous date-night-in-a-box early on in the pandemic. 

So Where Did You Hide them?

Ha ha! Good try! We’re not telling, but there are some really nice clues in our We Painted on Rocks video on our YouTube Channel.

One important detail we will disclose is that the trail can be clearly seen from the #ChriMelRocks rock hiding place. There is no need to risk getting lost to find them. In fact, while getting our paint supplies and eating ice cream, a Vancouver local shared stories of lost hikers with us. We don’t want anyone doing that, so we hid them in a safe to venture to place. 

If weeks pass without any #ChriMelRocks rock finders, we may start posting clues here and on our social media, so keep an eye out. 

Do I Win Something if I Find Them?

You will win a sense of accomplishment! That’s awesome right? There also might be a surprise available for you. Just make sure you post a pic of you and the rock on social media. Use the hashtag #chrimelrocks and tag us @the_chrimel_show as well. Our social media tags are at the top of any of our web pages.

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