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Effective YouTube Workouts That Can Be Done Anywhere

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Maintaining a solid fitness routine while on the move, living a nomadic lifestyle can be a challenge. Fluctuating pandemic risks, air quality and allergen concerns, and the weather in general can further disrupt great intentions. It was just this past July that I finally felt safe working out with others again. A few tears rolled down my eyes on my first day at CorePower Yoga. I felt so happy.

Then August Arrived...

With it came Delta variant related safety concerns. We decided to stay out of gyms. As an asthmatic, I keep tabs on Air Quality and Allergy Outlook reports. In every city we’ve lived in during our journey, there have been days where exercising outdoors could do more harm to my health than good. The first goal of working out is to maintain health, right? 

What to do?

Online workouts in whichever condo, apartment, or house we are living at for the month. The below workouts are ones that I consider effective. My opinion is somewhat educated and informed. I’ve been a Certified PiYo instructor and I have led Ballet Fit and group fitness classes that combined cardio and weights. Each of the below workouts can be done without disturbing downstairs neighbors, an important consideration as a digital nomad shifting from one condo to the next. 

No Equipment needed workouts

These workouts are best done with a yoga mat. However, they could be done without. Each of the below can be done in limited space. In St. Louis, the only space available for exercising was a small hallway and I did these (or similar) within it. 

I love doing PiYo, because it’s a full body workout with cardio and stretching incorporated into it. My favorite way to do Michelle Briehler‘s PiYo classes is live via Zoom.  It’s incredible how knowing someone else might see me pushes me to give my workout even more energy than my norm. Since that option isn’t available every day, I also do her workouts on YouTube. They’re a great place to start. Have you done PiYo before?

If you’ve never done PiYo before, I recommend giving this beginner workout a try:

When it comes to yoga, Travis Eliot is my go-to on YouTube. I’ve been practicing yoga on and off for more than twenty years. My preferences are for Power Vinyasa and Hatha classes, though I do love a good Yin practice when my muscles feel tight. Lately I’ve been noticing Eliot say that yoga is a practice, not a performance and I think that’s a great way to look at all group fitness. They’re all about your body, your workout, and what works for you within the bounds of using proper form and technique to prevent injury. 

When I’m looking for a quick workout that makes me feel the ballerina diva feels I sometimes want to feel, I turn to Action Jacquelyn. She’s a former professional ballerina. Make sure to stretch after her workouts! They don’t always include a stretch component. 

Workouts with minimal equipment

With a set of light weights and a workout band, you can expand your workout options and up your strength game. Both Michelle Briehler and Action Jacquelyn have workouts on YouTube that incorporate weights and other equipment. Here’s my latest favorite: 

What’s your favorite way to exercise? Is there a YouTube workout that you think I should try? Please let me know! 

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