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For the Love of Fashion: Keeping our looks fresh and our luggage light

Rent the Runway Melissa in Victoria Beckham Shirt Grace and Lace Jeans Cropped

Melissa Rents the Runway

My big childhood dreams: be a writer, an actress, travel the world, marry a marvelous man, have an endless closet full of designer clothes. At 43, I’m having a great moment. 

Two of my dreams don’t quite go together: travel and having that closet full of designer clothes. Chris, the marvelous man I married, and I are about a quarter of the way into living in 12 cities in 12 months. We sold our house, purged our closets, and packed our suitcases. While in the second city of our adventure (St. Louis) we realized we still had too much to manage and purged more

I decided it was time to Rent the Runway (RTR). Beyond the fun of having more than a thousand designer outfits to choose from each week, renting clothes keeps my wardrobe looking fresh for our YouTube videos and our IG feed. Buying fast fashion could satisfy the latter need, but I prefer the quality of designer clothes over disposable clothes. It’s a better choice for the environment too. 

transitioning into fall 2021 fashions

I tried out a couple of Victoria Beckham tops for the first time and I’m falling for her designs big time. They’re well cut, comfortable, flattering, and make me feel chic. I’m also loving the romantic look of the REDValentino dress I received in my latest shipment! 

Wearing the REDValentino dress to the Fort Worth Stockyards was magical. The dress garnered me lots of compliments and felt perfect for the surroundings. If I could do this shot over again, I’d sit side saddle. We have a lot to learn about posing and photography yet. 

a few more fashions as we bid summer 2021 adieu:

From this set, I loved the Tibi pindot shirred top, which would work great for fall too, and S/W/F Sunset tiered maxi. The Augustana top by Amanda Uprichard was too loose at the top to feel safe wearing out and about and the white halter top was a bit more revealing than my usual comfort level. It was blazing hot when we pulled into Dallas though, so I wore it. I should’ve looked more closely at that one before I chose it. 

Chris GAve it a try too...

Chris loves clothes too. He doesn’t know the names of many designers, or enjoy shopping the way I do, but he had way more to purge than I did when we cleaned out our closets and suitcases. He likes variety. His first attempt at using a rental service didn’t go as well for him. Perhaps he’ll give something else a try soon. When he finds a solution that he’s 100% satisfied with, we’ll be sure to share it. 

If you want to rent like Melissa and you want to save 40% on your first month of membership, click here.

As we find ways to travel lighter, live better, and shop smarter, we’ll share them. 

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