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Hotel Review: DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti

A man standing outside the DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti looking at his phone.
Chris pauses for a moment in front of the DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti hotel to make sure we head in the right direction on our walk to the Colosseum.

First things first, the 4-star DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti is one easy and affordable train ride away from Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci Fiumicino International Airport. Hop on the train at the station connected to the airport. Relax on your 45-minute ride. Then, get off at Rome’s Termini station. From there, it’s just a seven-minute walk into the hotel’s Roman courtyard-style lobby. Simple and stress-free.

When Chris and I checked in, we received more than the expected gracious welcome and warm (and delicious) DoubleTree chocolate chip cookies. The woman assisting us asked us what we planned to do and where we planned to eat during our stay. Most of our reservations were set, but there were a few meals we could use some guidance on. She wrote a list for us, letting us know which nearby spot was best for pizza and which was ideal for pasta. Not only was it kind of her to do, her taste was great. 

The DoubleTree Hilton Rome Monti opened in April 2021 and still has that new hotel freshness. With just 133 rooms spread over seven floors, it feels calm. Something we’ve come to value during our travels.  

Our King Deluxe Hotel Room

As Diamond Hilton Honors members in Rome during off-season, we received a complimentary upgrade to a King Deluxe Room on the 6th floor. Our stay was quiet. The room was spacious and impeccably clean with crisp white walls and linens, a herringbone-patterned wooden floor, and comfortable, contemporary furnishings in warm earth tones complemented by an emerald green velvet chair. Most important, the bed – it was the kind of comfortable conducive to sweet dreams. 

One amenity that our room possessed but that we did not put to use during our stay was the air conditioning. Window screens and air conditioning are not givens in the hotels of Rome. When booking a hotel room in the eternal city’s warmer weather, you may want to make sure that air conditioning is listed as a room amenity – even if you’re the sort who finds sleeping with the window open romantic. Why? Mosquitoes. There is nothing romantic about mosquitoes making their way into your room. 

As a gentleman named Kent posted on a Rick Steves travel forum

“Mosquitos can be an unexpected problem in Italy because of the combination of 3 factors: 1) if you booked lodging with no AC and it’s hot (e.g., summer), 2) hot weather and with no AC the need to open a window, but 3) it’s common in Italy (in other than modern chain hotels) for the room to not have screens on the window.” 

Confession time. We are Nespresso devotees, but the Lavazza espresso machine in our hotel room might have converted me. I had one every morning and loved it. We found coffee in Rome to be divine. I didn’t even bother trying to find a Starbucks — a travel first for me. Don’t get me wrong, I still love my Nespresso machine, but you won’t catch me turning up my nose at Lavazza. 

DoubleTree Rome Monti’s Location

The location of Rome’s first DoubleTree is laidback and lovely, both close enough and just far away enough from everything. We walked to all of the destinations on our list except the Vatican. Our tour was early in the morning, and it was on our first full day in Rome, so we opted to Uber there. We did manage to walk back from the Vatican with a wonderful stop midway through for lunch. 

If your itinerary is similar to what ours was, the location may be as perfect for you:

  • Tour the Vatican Museums and St. Peter’s Basilica
  • Tour the Colosseum and Roman Forum
  • Check out the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and Piazza Navona
  • Visit the Roman Pantheon
  • Eat amazing food. The restaurants on our list before we arrived included Pommidoro, Armando Al Pantheon, Pinsitaly, and Roscioli Salumeria con Cucina. 

Whenever we returned to our hotel, we felt we left the tourist energy behind for a more relaxing neighborhood space – a change of pace we appreciated.   

Drinks and Dining at the DoubleTree

Rome DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti Mun Rooftop Bar Maui Hana Cocktail. Almost pink in color with a foamy top.

You can start your day at Mamalia’s breakfast buffet. Given the variety available, chances are you’ll find something you like. I  became hooked on their waffles. Chris went for his standard eggs, bacon, bread, and a sweet pastry or two. You can have Prosecco with your breakfast if you like. We stuck to coffee with our morning meal. Mamalia opens back up in the evenings at seven for dinner. 

Mùn Rooftop Bar has one of the most dynamic and fun cocktail menus I have ever encountered. You can order a drink from The Deserts, The Forests, The Jungles, and The Waters. I drank the Maui Hana (vodka, homemade cardamom liqueur, hibiscus syrup, lime, and my favorite, mugo pine velvet). The scent of my drink transported me to the forests of Vancouver and Finland. We were served a cute trio of snacks to go with our drinks: wasabi nuts (my favorite), potato chips, and corn nuts (Chris’s favorite). 

We stopped at MiT Food & Coffee Brewery on the last day of our trip because I was feeling dehydrated. I saw the Depurativa on their drink menu, a smoothie with kiwi, celery, and melon. The drink was hydrating, delicious, and everything I wanted at that moment. They do offer a comprehensive menu of food and drinks during the day.


We stayed from Sunday to Thursday in late January and paid just 880 euros for our four-night stay in a King Deluxe Room. Off-season has its benefits. When I searched Hilton’s site for the same room in mid-July, I saw it listed for as much as 575 euros per night.

Would We Stay Again?

When in Rome, yes, we most absolutely would. DoubleTree by Hilton Rome Monti was everything we were looking for in a hotel and more.