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Hotel Review: Kuru Resort in Rantasalmi, Finland

Kuru Resort Lakeside Villa with standalone tub, and sauna.

Roads wind through tall pines and birch trees as you leave the workaday world behind and follow the signs for Kuru Private Resort. You’ll park in a private lot, free of charge, that’s far enough away from the main lodge, villas, and suites for your vehicle to remain unheard. Yet, it’s close enough to roll a suitcase or two to the main entrance and your villa or suite with ease. Peace and quiet are part of the aesthetic here. No children under the age of eighteen are allowed. Pets are prohibited as well. 

When I went, the group I was with, and I were greeted with mocktails made of tonic water, cranberries, and blackberries, garnished with pine sprigs. We were invited to enjoy the large deck overlooking the woods and water surrounding the resort. There are so many ways to lounge on it: floating chairs, SACKit bean bag chairs, and table-and-chair setups for two.   

Where exactly is Kuru Resort?

Kuru Resort is in Rantasalmi, Finland. Part of the Finnish Lakeland region, Rantasalmi has a rural feel, with a population of less than 3,500 spread out over 925 square kilometers. 

My Lake Villa at Kuru Resort

Kuru Resort offers Lake Villas, Nature Villas, and Lake Suites. Regardless of the room type you book, the maximum occupancy is two. This isn’t a party-it-up all-inclusive. It’s a relaxing resort—a place to find quiet and calm.  

In my Lake Villa, the words “Just Breathe” welcomed me on a mat near the door. A black leatherbound folder shared The Art of Relaxation you’re invited to partake in during your stay. The king-sized bed was a dream to sleep in, and every detail in my room felt like it was placed to enhance the comfort of my stay. I enjoyed incredible views throughout my villa of Lake Hietalampi and the woods surrounding it – whether relaxing in the villa’s standalone tub or drinking my morning coffee on its outdoor screened patio. I felt ensconced in laidback luxury.

Each villa also has a fireplace, private sauna and shower, free Wi-Fi, an espresso machine and kettle, a safe, minibar, and air conditioning. 

I developed a morning ritual during my stay. I put 10 to 15 Hetkinen Herbal sauna scent drops into the wood-handled sauna bucket provided and filled it with water. Then, I set the sauna to 70ºC. While it was heating up, I made myself an Americano, poured it into the handleless mug provided, and sat down in one of the two floating chairs on the patio. I pressed my bare toes into the cold wooden planks before tucking my feet beneath me. As I sipped my coffee, holding the mug with both hands, I watched the tree leaves move and listened to the birds. 

Floating chair and table on my Lakeside Villa's patio in Kuru Resort.

Dining at Kuru Resort

Make sure to treat yourself to at least one multicourse dining experience at Restaurant Solitary in Kuru Resort. Its made the list of Finland’s top 50 restaurants for good reason. Chef Remi Trémouille utilizes locally sourced ingredients in innovative ways. For example, he cooked Pike and Dashi Ravioli, a classical Italian dish that he incorporated French and Japanese techniques to make. It was divine enough to remember with fondness a summer later. The Lamb and Spring Vegetables dish was delightfully memorable. The lamb – ridiculously tender – and served with elegantly placed parsnip crisps and carrots that seemed both grilled and caramelized. 

Lamb and Spring Vegetables served at Restaurant Solitary.

When it comes to dining and amenities, one essential thing to know is that Kuru Resort is part of Järvisydän Resort. You can walk or drive 800 meters to Järvisydäme and enjoy a meal at one of their restaurants. If you stay at the resort between June 21st and August 31st, you can also book a dinner cruise. 

Travel Tip: If you provide at least 3 days’ notice, Restaurant Solitary can accommodate your dietary restrictions and/or food allergies.


One relaxation lesson per day is included in the Kuru Resort accommodation price. Choose from morning yoga, gentle afternoon yoga, aerial yoga, siesta, chord bath, and sound bowl therapy. Additional relaxation classes may be purchased.

There are lakeside saunas with a hot tub and swimming pier that can be reserved. You can also treat yourself to a more luxurious and indulgent treatment at the Kuru Resort’s Sisley Day Spa


If I booked the Lake Villa I stayed in for the same dates last year (June 7th—10th), the starting rate would be €264 (about $280). That’s with the Stay Longer and Relax option. Otherwise, the basic price is €330 (about $350). 

Would We Stay Again?

Chris didn’t have a chance to stay here. I want to return to Finland with him just so we can spend days relaxing here. A full week would be ideal.

Hotel Contact Information: 
Kuruntie 22, 58900 Rantasalmi 
+358 29 0024400

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