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Become a Thumb-Upa-Bumper

Want to be part of a fun community that focuses on travel, expat-life and fun times? Consider joining the gang.

What's Included?

  1. Access to our EXCLUSIVE Discord Chat server where you will be able to hang with other like-minded people and chat directly with Chris and Melissa. (Don’t know what a Discord server is? No worries. Instructions are below.)
  2. Access to inside info on upcoming travel posts.
  3. Access to exclusive offers we pull together in our travel adventures. 
  4. 15% Discount an all Chris+Melissa Merch.
  5. 20% off a Members Only Thumb-Upa-Bump t-shirt (coming soon)

How to Join

  1. First, jump over to our Youtube Channel and click the Join button.
  2. Next, install Discord on your phone or computer. Click here to do that.
  3. Finally, follow these instructions to make sure you have access to our Discord server. (remember, you have to Join our YouTube membership program first.)

    Click THIS LINK and then scroll to: YouTube Integration For Viewers

How Does Discord Work?

We’ve wondered that often too. The video below is a pretty good resource. It is slanted toward parents, but overall, has good information.