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Leisure Testing: Will Prairie Organic Sparkling Cocktails be Tasty with Our Homemade Appetizers?

How our Prairie Organic Sparkling Cocktails and Appetizer Pairing Test came about:

We miss hosting gatherings! I love fixing up appetizers, baking sweets, and having tasty beverages on hand for family and friends. We both love to entertain. Since the pandemic prompted social distancing, we’ve enjoyed Zoom get-togethers. Yet, we miss the energy of both getting ready for a party and seeing people in person. How about you?

I (Melissa) was looking through the promotions on the Andy’s Liquor website (a local store that delivers) and noticed canned Prairie Organics Sparkling Craft Cocktails. I thought it’d be fun to do a tasting. Then, Chris suggested we do something more. So, we decided to do a pairing.

Party practice makes perfect, right?

We feel that leisure testing potential party drinks and appetizers while we wait for things to get back to some kind of normal is a great use of our time. By taking the time to test now, we’ll be prepared to have people over to party as soon as the pandemic has parted. Besides, it’s double-thumbs-up fun to do. 

Prairie Organic Sparkling Craft Cocktails come in three flavors: 

  • Cucumber Lemonade – organic vodka, cucumber, and organic lemonade. It’s subtly sweet. 
  • Grapefruit – organic vodka, grapefruit that gives a light and crisp citrus flavor.  
  • Minnesota Bootleg – organic gin, savory mint, crisp lime, and slightly sweet

The Appetizer Pairings

Prairie Organics and Appetizers


  • Traditional Deviled Eggs to pair with Cucumber Lemonade
  • Homemade Guacamole served with Food Should Taste Good Multigrain Tortilla Chips to pair with Grapefruit.
  • Breton Multigrain Crackers topped with raspberry preserves and blue cheese crumbles to pair with Minnesota Bootleg.

Chris’s favorite appetizer is the Chips and Guac. He loves chips and guac almost as much as he loves tacos. Do you want to know how much Chris loves tacos? We celebrate Cinco de Mayo with five days of tacos. Also, not a week goes by without us having tacos. Do you know anyone who loves tacos that much? 

Chips and Guacamole

My favorite is the Breton Crackers topped with raspberry preserves and blue cheese crumbles. I love raspberries and eat them almost every day. They’re nutritious and so tasty! Dairy is something I try not to have much of, so consuming bleu cheese crumbles was a treat. What I loved most was the contrast of flavors. 

We both agreed on our favorite Prairie Organic Craft Cocktail flavor. While we enjoy them all, Minnesota Bootleg is our favorite!

Leisure Testing Result: Double-Thumbs-Up Yum!

Difficulty Rating: Easy Peasy.

How have you been finding ways to celebrate? Or, what excuses have you been coming up with to create every day celebrations?

We’d love to know! Please comment below, or send us a message