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My Husband and I Became Nomads in Midlife: An Interview

Chris and Melissa First Big Road Trip

On July 1st, 2021, my husband and my nomadic journey began. Our current goal: to live in 12 cities in 12 months. Why? We don’t want to catch a case of the what-ifs later in life, or wonder if the grass really is greener on the other side.   

It was Chris’s big idea. I went along with it, accompanied by reservations. Not the hotel kind. While we are both impulsive dreamers and indecisive, I’m the more analytical of the two of us. I have three big A’s that conflict with the “carefree” nomadic way of life: asthma, allergies, and anxiety. I love adventure and books like Moving On, On the Road, and Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, so I’m doing my best to overcome those three big conflicts.     

It’s October 7th, 2021 as I publish this. Since July we’ve lived in Minneapolis, St. Louis, and Dallas. We’re a week into life in Austin, Texas. Right now, I’m glad my husband suggested the 12 cities plan. Will I feel the same tomorrow? Well, that might be getting too far ahead. 

The Interview

I met Hélène T. Stelian through the Happy & Healthy in Midlife summit held by Sherry Jibb. After hearing what my husband and I were up to, she emailed me to see if I’d be interested in being a part of the Women on a Mission series. After joining her Empowering Women in Midlife group on Facebook, loving the content and focus of the group, I said yes!  

Here’s our discussion:

Thank you WacoWork and HéLèNE!

Waco Texas Melissa at WacoWork

I’d like to give WacoWork a big shout out and thank you for letting us camp out and work for a couple of hours! Adrienne welcomed us and made us feel at home right away. It is indeed a great space to get s#!t done.

Speaking of getting stuff done, have you ever thought about how far ahead you should plan when pursuing your goals? A week, a month, maybe a year? I’m super excited to be able to share this free Masterclass given by Hélène T. Stelian with our readers. Click 8 Secrets to Reach Your Goals to get access. FYI – the class is geared toward 40+ year-olds who identify as women. 

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