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Travel Movie Review: Irish Wish

Irish Wish Movie Poster featuring Lindsay Lohan, Ed Speelers, and Alexander Valhos.

St. Patrick’s Day has come and gone, but Irish Wishes can be made any day of the year. Rom-com fans who didn’t watch Irish Wish on St. Patrick’s Day weekend are in luck because the new Netflix fantasy rom-com has nothing to do with the day. It is, as its star Lindsay Lohan has called it, “…a nice story of luck and love and confidence.” The nice story has gorgeous green fairytale settings that almost steal the show, thanks to Ireland’s stunning landscapes.

County Wicklow Ireland

Kilruddery House and Gardens in County Wicklow is used as the fancy estate Paul Kennedy and his family own in Irish Wish.
Kilruddery House and Gardens in County Wicklow.

While watching Irish Wish, you’ll have a chance to see scenic County Wicklow—an area we never explored during our time in Ireland. Now that I’ve had a chance to admire its stunning landscapes in the movie, I think Chris and I need to return to the Emerald Island. A couple of top County Wicklow sights in the movie are Lough Tay, aka Guinness Lake, in the Wicklow Mountains, and Killruddery House, a magnificent manor that looks like a castle, in the foothills of the range. 

Guinness Lake is on private land, so there’s no opportunity to visit it. According to my research, you can see it on a drive on the Sally Gap Drive or while doing the Guinness Lake walk

Killruddery has been occupied by members of the Brabazon family since 1618. During the Victorian era, extensive work was done on the Killruddery House, transforming it into a Tudor Revival mansion. Right now, three generations are living there. While it is private property, you can tour Killruddery House and Gardens during the Garden Open Season (April – October). You can shop and dine in Killrudderry Yard year-round. Trying a Neapolitan-style pizza from their Pizza Shed and dining at one of their Supper Club events in The Grain Store are on my next trip to Ireland wish list. 

Other Ireland Locations Featured

Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher, on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way, make an unexpected but welcome cameo appearance as well. We’ve had the good fortune to see them for ourselves on a beautiful day and can recommend a trip to them. Dublin’s Temple Bar serves as a stand-in for Manhattan in the movie, so if you pay attention, you’ll catch glimpses.  

I suppose it’s time to talk about things like the plot and whether or not the Irish Wish is worth a watch. 

Should You Watch Irish Wish?

If you’re a fan of rom-coms and love Ireland, I think you’ll enjoy this film. Or, you might not. Its sensibility is more Hallmark Christmas than Bridget Jones’s Diary. Irish Wish doesn’t have the Nora Ephron flavor that’s palatable to women and men alike. I knew this before I hit play, so I didn’t even bother to ask Chris if he’d like to watch it with me. After watching it, I knew I made the correct decision. 

Note: Chris once watched Bridget Jones with me, and he thought it was hilarious in its awkwardness. He’s also watched Ephron’s When Harry Met Sally, You’ve Got Mail, and Julie and Julia. My incredibly kind husband even agreed to do a travel video for our channel, supporting my fandom of all things Nora Ephron: How We Spent a Weekend in NYC Like a Rom-Com Screenwriter!!! I’m a lucky wife. 

I am a fan of every stripe of rom-com, from Hallmark Christmas fare to The Lobster. I found Irish Wish a delight, and I’ll gladly watch it again. Perhaps it’ll become a St. Patrick’s Day tradition for me.

Irish Wish Plot

Irish Wish Movie Still. Lindsay Lohan and Ed Speleers in a fancy red convertible with a gorgeous landscape of Ireland in the background.

Maddie (Lindsay Lohan) is a shy book editor who does so much “editing” of charming and handsome Paul Kennedy’s (Alexander Valhos) work that she should earn credit as a co-writer. This doesn’t concern her as she is too in love with him to consider herself in any way. Maddie also struggles to put words to her wants and tell Paul how she feels. 

When Maddie invites two of her besties, Emma (Elizabeth Tan) and Heather (Ayesha Curry), to an event celebrating Paul’s latest book, written mostly by Maddie, Paul falls for Emma. The movie fast-forwards to Emma and Paul engaged and about to marry at his family’s estate (Killruddery House). Maddie and Heather travel with the pair as bridesmaids for the big event. 

Despite her intentions to be a supportive bridesmaid, in a video call with her mom (Jane Seymour), Maddie says she wishes she was marrying Paul. It might have ended there, but she was sitting in a wishing chair. Saint Brigid (Dawn Bradfield) appears and grants her wish, and Maddie wakes up as the bride-to-be. Soon after, Maddie realizes that Paul is not her soulmate. A cheeky Englishman (Ed Speleers) whose luggage she accidentally-unintentionally tried to steal is. Delightful rom-com chaos ensues. 

Irish Wish is available on Netflix

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